About Me


she / they / any

Hi ! I’m es, an amorphous blob that draws once in a blue moon. I picked up drawing over quarantine to help me retain my sanity and I've been kind of going on and off since ! :D

In my free time I lurk in the void of the internet and stare at pretty art and speedpaints

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet; I hope you enjoy your stay !

Art Status :

Requests :Closed
Art trades :Mutuals
Commissions :Closed
Waitlist :Open

Tools :

- Procreate on iPad Air + Apple Pencil
- Jingsketch : Basic 10
- Cats_artdiary : Twopack

- Medibang Paint Pro / CSP on Desktop + Wacom



Painterly : Closed

Bust - $20 ; no full bg option available
Halfbody - $35 ; cuts approx. at waist
Fullbody - $50 ;

Props (weapons, etc.) : + $5 to 20 USD
Background : + $15 to 50 USD
Complex concepts / characters may incur an extra fee

Characters: @Arctisune's Cecil, Ganyu from Genshin Impact

Character Sheets : Closed (wip)

- 1 x Bust : $10
- 1 x Halfbody : $15
- 1 x Fullbody : $25
- 1x Chibi : $20
Reflected View : +50% option price
Custom Design : +100% base price

Props (weapons, etc.) : + $5 to 20 USD
Complex concepts / characters may incur an extra fee

Terms of Service

Conditions :

I am a digital illustrator; there will not be any physical goods shipped. I may decline commission requests for any reason, such as if I feel incapable of properly carrying out the request.

Payment must be made in USD through Paypal,
either 100% upfront or 50% upfront + 50% first WIP

I retain all rights to commissioned artwork. Upon request, commissions will be kept private (no extra fee). Commissioned artwork/designs can be used for personal use only; they cannot be used/resold for profit. My art may not be minted as an NFT under any circumstance.

My designs cannot be resold at a price greater than the combined value of their initial purchase and additional commissioned work.

Do not repost, heavily reference, trace, or modify my artwork without permission (ie. colouring/drawing over, distortion, etc; use of filters, cropping, and such are fine).

My art is fairly inconsistent / experimental. Feel free to let me know if there's a particular style of mine you prefer!

Sketch: Will send in for approval, open to any changes without charge at this time!
Lining / Painting: WIPs will be sent upon request. Major changes will incur additional fees.
Completion: Full resolution image files will be sent! Minor changes may still be requested. Major changes will incur additional fees.

Turnaround varies based on my schedule; please allow up to two months for completion! I'll let you know if there are reasons I can't finish within that time.

Commissions are non-refundable after completion. Partial refunds may be issued, with the refunded amount depending on the amount of work done. Full refunds will be granted if I cancel the order.

Will DrawWon't Draw
ocsirl people
fanartother art styles
light goreheavy gore

Order Form :

Please Include:

preferred name and pronouns

commission type and cost

character reference
- must be clean and colored

additional notes / references (opt)
- ex. poses, background, props, etc.
- note : may not strictly follow

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2022